About ISPT

About ISPT

4 National Circuit is the final stage of a 10 year ISPT program to develop the National Circuit Precinct as a workplace of distinction. Today, the precinct is a vibrant and interactive place that meets the needs of tenants and has contributed to ISPT’s reputation for property excellence and integrity.

ISPT is one of Australia’s largest unlisted property fund managers and has over $10.5 billion of funds under management through investments in office, retail, industrial and residential properties.  ISPT’s high quality properties create office and retail spaces that meet the changing needs of their tenants and are maintained at optimal operating standards.

ISPT invests in property throughout Australia with the objective of providing a sound return on that investment for their investors, the industry superannuation funds,

Today, more than 50 per cent of Australian workers have their retirement savings invested in property through ISPT.

About our Investors

ISPT is committed to working with our Investors to help them build their members’ retirement savings.